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30 Reasons Why Your Dog is Better Than Your Ex

A few years ago, a divorced British woman named Amanda Rodgers made headlines for marrying her dog, Sheba. There were aspects that seemed kind of funny, like the fact that Rodgers said she got down on one knee to propose and that when the little terrier wagged her tail, she took it as a “yes.” Over 200 people attended their wedding ceremony in Croatia, in which Sheba wore a miniature wedding frock.

While unconventional, one aspect of the story rang true. Rogers told the press that her dog is “never unkind” to her, is always happy, and that they share a deep connection. Though most of us aren’t ready to swear off human love and tie the knot with our pups, it did get me thinking about how perfect a relationship with a dog can be.

So if you’re single, take heart! Here are 30 reasons why your dog is better than your ex:

  1. Your dog prefers if you leave the bathroom door open while you’re on the toilet.
  2. Your dog is always up for an outdoor adventure, even if the big game is on TV (or it involves a predawn wake-up call).
  3. Your dog doesn’t mind if you act clingy.
  4. Your dog approves if you have seconds at dinner.
  5. Your dog doesn’t get self-conscious if you call him a cutesy nickname in public.
  6. Your dog loves your taste in music.
  7. Your dog never cancels plans because she has to work late.
  8. Your dog IS that into you.
  9. Your dog never phone snubs (“phubs”) you.
  10. Your dog is incapable of telling a lie.
  11. Your dog loves your morning breath.
  12. Your dog thinks cuddling is cool.
  13. Your dog never drunk-dials his ex.
  14. Your dog doesn’t care if you don’t shower for a few days – the stinkier, the better!
  15. Your dog never rings up a huge credit card bill without telling you.
  16. Your dog knows the world revolves around you and is glad of it.
  17. Your dog will never pick a fight with you.
  18. Your dog is always over the moon to see you.
  19. Your dog never has opinions about what to watch on TV.
  20. Your dog doesn’t think you’re fat.
  21. Your dog is super quick to forgive (even after a dreaded bath!).
  22. Your dog doesn’t think spending Saturday night binge-watching your favorite show is boring.
  23. Your dog never has a bad day and has to tell you all about it.
  24. But if you have a bad day, she wants to hear all about it and will try to make you smile.
  25. Your dog will drop everything to spend time with you.
  26. Your dog never borrows your car without asking.
  27. Your dog keeps all your secrets.
  28. Your dog doesn’t think it’s weird to stare at you in quiet awe.
  29. Your dog thinks you’re perfect – just as you are.
  30. Your dog will NEVER EVER break up with you. It’s true love!

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